Starting off in 2010 with 6 Volunteers of whom 3, now all Coxwain’s, are still at the Station, the crew grew to more than 30 Volunteers at any given time.
Over the past 8 years the Station was responsible for more than 120 rescues; lives were saved, people in trouble assisted, boats towed and numerous seals, penguins, birds, dolphins and other animals saved and watched over.

Volunteers proudly put in countless hours committed to training and supporting the Station; all hero’s.
“A hero….
is someone who does not have to, but stands up to say
“I will help, send me.”
NSRI volunteers are heroes.”

Starting off with only 2 jet ski’s the Base grew; now equipped with a 2 Rescue Runners (jet ski’s), a 4.2m Inflatable Rubber Duck, a 4 x 4 Quad Bike, a 4 x 4 Double Cab Emergency Vehicle, a Launching Tractor, a 5.5m Rigid Inflatable Boat and upgraded premises accommodating storage and training facilities.
Growing always means upgrades needed and as they plan the addition of a fifth bay to the boat house providing easy access to the tractor as well as a dedicated fuel storage facility they need the support of the community.

You can help donating to Projects like the extensions needed as well as much needed swift water & marine extrication rescue equipment.

Weekly practices take place on Sunday afternoons from 16:00 to ±19:00.
If you are interested in joining, please visit us on a Sunday afternoon and come and introduce yourself.

Emergency no: Phone: 079 916 0390
Station Commander: Rieghard Van Rensburg Phone: 071 896 6831


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