NSRI Station 37

LocationJeffreys Bay

Blog Post 14 June 2018: https://jbay.inmypocket.co.za/nsri-station-37/
Email: station37@searescue.org.za
Emergency no: Phone: 079 916 0390
Donate: http://www.nsri.org.za/ways-to-support-us/give-a-donation/

NSRI is manned by 980 volunteers at 32 bases around the coast and on 3 inland dams.

Donations, bequests and sponsorships cover the annual running cost of R25m.

The volunteers save NSRI a salary bill in excess of R250m per annum.

NSRI began in 1967 – as a humanitarian service, at no charge to the public.

Our assets include 92 rescue boats of various sizes and 27 4×4 rescue vehicles

Station Commander: Rieghard Van Rensburg Phone: 071 896 6831
Operation Directors Award for the Most Improved Station 2012

A hero….

is someone who does not have to, but stands up to say

“I will help, send me.”

NSRI volunteers are heroes.

Diaz Road, just behind the ski-boat Club, Lighthoues,
6330 Jeffrey’s Bay



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