Edge Fitness Club Jeffreys Bay

LocationJeffreys Bay

Phone: 042 293 1342

We are situated on the main beach in the heart of the beloved J-Bay. So whether you enjoy the sunrise, sun set or mid-day workout. You are promised a view that will take your breath away!

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      Subscriber Aug 12, 2020


      I am not one to publicly blame and shame companies as I am fully aware of the devastating consequences this must have, but I do feel that keeping quiet about this could lead to other victims.
      I have been struggling to cancel my Edge fitness membership and clear my name for OVER A YEAR NOW after signing a one-year contract with Edge and following all the correct steps for the cancellation of my contract after moving to Limpopo.

      Debit orders were withdrawn from my account long after the cancellation, I was contacted by a debt collector's agency last year and after hundreds of discussions with the entire Edge team and at least a month's worth of airtime spent trying to get them to clear my name, the debit orders stopped and I was promised that my debt name would be cleared.

      A year later - this week - I was contacted by the same debt collection agency with an urgent notice for a massive amount of debt now allocated to my name, which soils my reputation and comes very untimely as we are currently looking for a new rental home and credit checks are expected.

      Please note that Edge fitness has a flawed cancellation system, continues to withdraw money long after even the huge cancellation fee is paid and the contract is closed, and refuses to accept responsibility or amend their accounts internally. Either this is a deliberate scam (I have found that I am not the only one who has had this problem) or they have managed to hire every incapable administrative assistant in Jeffreys Bay and for some reason ordered them not to talk to one another.

      Please note that after this experience I did some research and read multiple reviews with exactly the same concern. This is not a once-off or personal experience but the norm.


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